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McQueen Road Improvements
Chandler Heights to Riggs Road

What's New

Update for August 18, 2016

Work Continues on Concrete and Underground Utilities
There will be no major changes in work activities or traffic patterns this week, but watch for the area to have more and more of a finished look as concrete and grading work proceed. When work is complete on the east side of the road, both directions of traffic will be placed on the new lanes so work can be complete on the west side. The work on the east side is more complex due to new drainage features and underground utilities. Project completion is scheduled for November.

When complete, this stretch of McQueen Road will have two lanes of traffic in each direction, raised and landscaped medians in select locations, sidewalks, bike lanes, curb and gutter, improved drainage, and landscaping along the sides.

Stay In Touch With Us!
Please reply to this email with any comments you have about this project! The City of Chandler is interested in your feedback! Please also feel free to call the project hotline at 602-750-7139 if you have any comments about the project.

Work hours are Monday through Saturday 6:30 am – 3:00 pm (as daylight hours change, work hours will be adjusted).

One lane traffic in both directions, and access to neighborhoods and businesses will be maintained.

Safety First:
Please use care driving, bicycling, or walking near construction activities. Police officers are present during peak periods to monitor signals and manage traffic backups.

Project Overview

The McQueen Road Improvements project includes:

  • Widening from two to four lanes
  • Underground pipes for future water and sewer
  • New traffic signals and fire hydrants
  • Landscaped Raised Median
  • Sidewalks
  • Bike Lanes
  • Curb and Gutter

Project Contractor

Grey Mountain Construction

Project Map

Project Aerial